Wearsafe Labs revolutionizes personal safety

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. – West Hartford resident and co-founder of Wearsafe Labs, David Benoit, has developed a technology that connects family, friends and smart phones, revolutionizing and enhancing personal safety.

The Wearsafe tag is unobtrusive, about the size of a quarter, and fits within the palm of the hand. It is designed to attach to a keychain or simply slipped inside a pocket.

Utilizing blue tooth technology and a smart phone’s native GPS system, the Wearsafe tag will activate with a press of a button and send a text, email and push notification showing the user’s location. In addition, the app will enable streaming audio to record what is happening, chat options to communicate the form of distress to the user’s network and emergency assist options as well.

Image courtesy of Wearsafe. 

Source: We-Ha.com


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