Veracious Brewing open for business in Monroe

MONROE, Conn. – Mark and Tess Szamatulski recently opened up Veracious Brewing, a taproom and brewery, on Main Street in Monroe. For more than twenty 20 years they have owned a home-brew supplies store and are now expanding to their own craft brewery.

Up until two years ago, Connecticut sold the least amount of craft beer in the U.S., but the expansion of Two Roads Brewing Co., which opened in 2012 in Stratford, introduced more people to craft beer and influenced the state’s congress to update outmoded alcohol laws.

The taproom resembles an English pub and offers a view of the brewery, which features local touches like wood paneling made from donated New Canaan church pews, repurposed lights and a large moose head. Currently Veracious Brewing Co. serves eight beers and cold-brewed coffee.

Source: Westfair Communications


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