Doorbell Barbers brings the barbershop to you

STAMFORD, Conn. – Adapting the business model of companies like Uber, Christian Iannucci has founded Doorbell Barbers, an on-demand haircut service company. Instead of customers driving to a salon for a haircut, Iannucci and his team of barbers go to their customers, giving haircuts in the comfort of a home, office, or anywhere else.

The company was founded in April with a client list that included mostly friends and family, but due to strong word-of-mouth advertising, the company’s client list has grown. According to Iannucci, the company doesn’t have a specific target market but has serviced a variety of different customers, from office workers to hospitals to hospice home-care services.

Iannucci explained that what sets his company apart is the customizable experience. Using the company’s online platform, customers can individualize the entire transaction, including the location, the music that’s played and, of course, the style of haircut.

Image courtesy of Doorbell Barbers.

Source: CT Post



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