BirthdayPak continues to expand (CT)

CONNECTICUT — As the excitement for BirthdayPak increases, so does its delivery! BirthdayPak is expanding nationwide and is actively awarding new franchises across the U.S., with one of its newest franchises located in Southern Connecticut.

BirthdayPak is the only multi-channel marketing platform out there that efficiently creates a relationship between local upscale businesses and their ideal customer. BirthdayPak has the unique ability to target affluent female consumers within a limited radius of the advertising business which creates a win-win opportunity. The BirthdayPak recipients are pleased to receive the gift cards for their birthday, which is a life event that has been proven to increase consumer spending. Meanwhile, the advertising businesses are finally reaching their local consumers, who are bound to become their newest “regulars”.

Todd Derene, owner of the BirthdayPak Franchise of Southern Connecticut, is excited to bring BirthdayPak to his home town and is looking to begin delivery any day now. So, there just may be a BirthdayPak on its way to you!

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